Springtime in Budapest

The past few weeks have been insanely busy! After midterms ended, Budapest hosted an outdoor spring fair and luckily, balmy spring weather came with it. We spent a weekend lounging outside, eating, listening to music, and enjoying the Hungarian crafts on display.

Look at us wearing shorts! Finally seeing some sun in Budapest

One of the many Hungarian foods available at the fair

Enjoying gelato in the nice weather

Then my parents came to visit! It was so wonderful to show them around Budapest and spend time with them. We got to wander around city park, went on a boat cruise along the Danube, walked on Margaret Island, and ate some awesome food. I even got to show them Szimpla, one of the most popular bars here. They tried drinking Palinka as well, although it was a little strong for them!

Hero's Square at the entrance to City Park

In City Park

Mom and Dad in Szimpla! Dad looks a bit tense after his Palinka

Night view of Buda Castle

The family (minus Adin and the dogs of course) on Margaret Island

After spring break, my friend Margot’s parents also came to visit. They were so generous and took me out to the opera with them! We saw La Traviata which was beautiful, but hard to follow since it was in Italian with Hungarian subtitles! I also tagged along on their tour of the Great Synagogue. I am ashamed to admit that, in the 3 months I had been here, I had not yet been on a tour of the Jewish landmark that is two blocks from my apartment. I am glad I finally made it! The temple was absolutely gorgeous; the main sanctuary was spectacular. They said they even hosted weddings in there! I have to remember that for years down the road…

Budapest Opera House. Gorgeous! Sorry for the blurry photo

Then last week, a few friends and I made a day trip down the Danube to a small town called Szentendre. It was just a 40 minute train ride away! Such a beautiful little town, with some weird stores! The world’s only Marzipan Museum, in which they make sculptures out of marzipan and then caption them poorly in English. We went into a shop that sold Palinka in bottles that were shaped like people, which was kind of freaky. We also met a woman who made Hungarian folk crafts and talked to us for about 30 minutes about the stuffed animal chickens she makes and how they were “very practic for real life”. So silly. But it was a gorgeous river town, and a great little escape from the city.

Marzipan Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or as the caption reads "Tini Nindzsa Terrapins"


Szentendre by the river

This past weekend was my 21st birthday! It was a blast…but I will post more details soon



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