2 weeks left: that’s 14 days, or 336 hours, or 20,160 minutes…

When I started this post, it was Wednesday, and thus I had 14 days left in Budapest. But now that I am finishing it on Saturday, I supposed a better title would’ve been “11 days left”.

Since we returned from Croatia, the imminence of our departure from Budapest became all too real. Suddenly everything we did was “the last ___”. (i.e, last time we have to pay rent, the last time we have to take a midterm, the last Hungarian language class, could be the last time we have Thai food…etc)

Luckily school work has been keeping us too busy to dwell in our emotions; the last weeks of classes were filled with midterms, finals and difficult problem sets. I have also been trying to do as many new things in the city as possible; I don’t want to feel like I missed out on anything when I leave. I have a “Budapest Bucketlist” which is filled of things that I heard of as the semester progressed that I wanted to try before I left. Sadly, I realize now that some of those things will not happen before I leave (travel to Lake Balaton-the resort area of Hungary) and some I realize I may not want to do in my last days here (go to the Fine Arts Museum). But many of the items on the list are bars or restaurants that I have yet to try, and I hope to knock a few of them off after finals end. But you know what? I plan on coming back here someday soon and I will have to save the rest of my list until then.

Some highlights of the past weeks since I posted:

Hungarian Wine festival!

Delicious chocolates at the wine festival

Palinka festival…Hungarians love their themed festivals!

Getting artsy with my Palinka glass

Seeing baby giraffes at the zoo

Playing with lemurs at the zoo

Baby gorilla at the zoo…notice a pattern here?

Found this awesome candy store near my apartment

Went to a flea market/craft fair in the Jewish District. They sold everything from vintage jewelry to old cameras to leather goods! I bought a great purse

Next week we have final exams in our remaining classes and then Thursday is when we get our final grades at the “end of the semester party”. Because what’s a math party without a little stress over your transcript? They will be providing snacks and champagne after the grades are finalized (we are allowed to drop a class to an “audit” if we so choose on Thursday afternoon, which is a nice safety net), so I suppose they want things to end on a high note. After that, many people start leaving to go home or travel more of Europe. I will stay another 6 days because my best friend Julia is visiting (CAN’T WAIT) and then I head back to Newton. Its very surreal to think of life without the friends I have made here. Living together in a foreign city means that we spend pretty much all of our time together, and we’ve grown extremely close as a result. So trying to picture life at home or at Wellesley without them is hard to imagine. That being said, I am certainly excited to get back to America where I speak the language, live in a clean house (I found a bug in my fridge today-YUCK), and see my family, friends and of course…the dogs!

Now I’m off to try and study some more. I’ll update you all after my finals!


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