A procrastination blog post

With 3 finals done, and 1 to go, I am finding it hard to keep myself motivated to study. BLAH

My most recent form of procrastination is to read food blogs. Yes I know I am a little late to catch on to this trend, but it is SO addicting. No wonder everyone is reading them nowadays.

My favorite websites of the moment:

http://ediesbathrobe.tumblr.com/ (a girl studying abroad in London chronicling her cooking and favorite restaurants)

http://foodgawker.com/ (has an app for your iphone/ipod/ipad…so pretty much all I do now on public transit is salivate over pictures of food on my itouch)


http://scarboroughfoodfair.blogspot.com/ (a Boston gal!)

I wish I had a good enough kitchen here/good enough cooking skills to keep an awesome blog like the ones above.

Speaking of food, Yesterday I discovered a wonderful new place to have lunch! It’s called “Leves” meaning “Soup”. A tiny hole-in-the-wall, with no seating (only take-away orders), Leves offers 5 different soups and 5 different sandwiches each day. For just 770 forints ($3.50) you get a medium sized sandwich and about 12 oz of soup. Great deal right? They make the sandwiches as you order, so the line has always been ridiculously long when I passed by; but yesterday I had just finished an exam so I decided that I should take the time to try it. So glad I did!

I got a grilled tomato, mozzarella and pesto sandwich and carrot-saffron soup. They have tons of free toppings for the soup too: sour cream, cheese, tortilla strips, spices, croutons, etc. Also the guys who work there speak pretty much every single language! I heard them help customers in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and of course Hungarian. I attempted to order in Hungarian, but as usually, my dreadful pronunciation gave me away. Sigh.

I ate my lunch on a bench nearby overlooking the Danube. Not a bad life, and the food was awesome! The soup was to die for. I wanted to sit there forever, but sadly I had exams to study for. Hopefully I will go back tomorrow after my last exam is over.

In other news, we are all losing our minds over here. It’s hard to study when you have so little time left in an awesome city. It’s even harder to study when you have no library and are forced to spend whole days in Starbucks because its the only coffee shop with real tables. Things get even crazier when you spend the whole day, in Starbucks, with 5 of your best friends. As an example of our insanity, see the picture below.

I let my friend borrow my calculator, and she returned it with this written on the screen.

Time for finals to end!

But sadly, once they end, it means we are that much closer to going home which means that we will all go our separate ways. Starting Saturday, people start leaving. So we will have only 3 days after exams to revel in each other’s company. I’m pretty sure we are going to attempt to spend every minute of every day together. Lots of sleepovers are in order.

So in a way, maybe I don’t want finals to end?

And on that note, time for me to return to studying.


2 thoughts on “A procrastination blog post

  1. Endings stink. As does saying goodbye. On another note, your bedroom is getting cleaned, bed made, I preparation from our return home:)

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