Budapest: the Smelly & the Beautiful

I write to you on one of my last days here in Budapest. Julia arrived last night and she is sleeping in my bed as we speak. It is so crazy that after months of talking about her visiting, she is actually here. It’s so exciting!

The goodbyes have started. One of my close friends left early this morning, so we all had to say goodbye last night. After dinner at our favorite restaurant (thai food, obviously) we all hung out on Margit Sziget until it was too cold to be outside any longer. A great night, but sad nonetheless to realize that our group of 7 may never be in the same place altogether at the same time. Unless of course we all live together on a commune in Croatia with the Empty Set…HA MATH JOKES.

There are many things I will not miss about Budapest: the weird smells in my apartment, the dog poop everywhere, the insanely crowded public transportation, the language barrier with every single person I talk to, going to school here, the weird old ladies with their red hair…etc. But on the other hand, there is so much I will miss about this city, my friends and the baked goods are the top two things I will pine for, but there are so many moments of beauty. Like a few nights ago, when I looked up before entering my apartment and I realized that you could see the big dipper perfectly in the sky above the courtyard of my building. Or when my friend showed me this ( time lapse film.

Two days ago my friends and I decided to stay up all night and watch the sun rise. We climbed up to Buda Castle around 4am and saw the sun come up over Parliament. It was amazing.

Before the sun came up

“Here comes the sun”

That’s all for now. I am going to try and write one more time before I leave and then maybe once more back in Boston.





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