One last post

In an effort to procrastinate my math work, I have decided to post one last time on here.

I write to you from the gorgeous Williamstown MA. A tiny town in the NW corner of my state, this place couldn’t be more different from Budapest. The main part of town consists of one short street and everything closes by 9pm. But I’m having a blast here nonetheless.

The shock of changing from living in a big city like Budapest to a rural town was a bit much at first. But I find it fairly relaxing now that I’ve settled in. I rarely have to lock my door, I can walk everywhere, and the air is considerably cleaner. The people on my math program seem pretty cool too. It would be hard to top the friends I made this spring though.

Being here is kind of like being back at camp. We all live together, have to be at certain activities at certain times, and besides that we have lots of freedom to just hang out. I guess we don’t have counselors though, which is a plus. Today we went to a nearby lake and then challenged the Physics research students to a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We won! 13-1 was the final score. I even played! But I was certainly the worst on the team.

Williamstown is so freaking cute I cant get over it. They have street fairs and outdoor movies and a 4th of July parade that we are participating in!

But sometimes the littlest things make me miss Budapest, like when I have a craving for a kremes or when a Hungarian song comes on my ipod.

The end of the semester was a wonderful and emotional blur. It was amazing to spend time with Julia. It was painful to say goodbye to everyone. I could upload tons of pictures but honestly, I just don’t have the energy to wait for this dumb blogging interface to process them all.

I often think about the fact that I won’t be back in Budapest with my friends for a long time, if ever. This usually makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. As the age-old saying goes, “Don’t cry because its over. Smile because it happened”.

From making new friends in Budapest…

…to exploring the city with old friends…

…to heading to a new town in my home state

IT’S BEEN QUITE AN ADVENTURE. Thanks for sticking with me and my sporadic blogging.

Viszonlátásra !


One thought on “One last post

  1. OK. You made me cry. what a sweet blog.
    Love you lots and so proud of all you’ve accomplished this past year.

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